About Alaska Fjord Charters

The Darby is a rugged safe vessel designed for these waters but it is not a “stateroom” experience more of hostel sleeping concept but you get the entire boat to yourself. There is a division between crew and guests sleeping quarters at night. There are curtains around each bunk at night. The sleepingĀ arrangementsĀ are tight, particularly for a party of six. This is “glamping” at its finest as we make every effort to provide the most comfortable experience available, including sheets, blankets, pillows and excellent food.


Alaska Fjord Charters is owned and operated by Colin Brayton. Colin hails from the state of Maine and was first introduced to this magnificent area in 2008, ultimately deciding to move here full time in 2013. He has spent 12 years working professionally on various types of boats in many aspects of the maritime industry. He has explored a wide variety of waters including the coast of Maine, the Mediterranean Sea, an Atlantic Ocean crossing, Nova Scotia to the Caribbean, the Panama Canal to British Columbia, the Chukchi Sea, and the south central coast of the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska. Most recently, he has worked as the captain and naturalist aboard the large tour boats guiding groups of tourists around the waters of the Kenai Peninsula. He is knowledgeable and passionate about his work. He will provide unique personal experiences in Kenai Fjords National Park and surrounding waters to the discriminating traveler wishing to experience something different from the offerings of conventional tour operators. Our trips let visitors experience this stunning park and surroundings with informed, relaxed and confident guides. It is the best of an Alaskan adventure.









Autum Schumacher is an Alaskan born and raised outdoor enthusiasts and incredible chef. She left for the east coast in the early 2000’s and obtained a degree in Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management. After graduation, Autum, quickly found that she enjoyed the thrill of experiencing new places, and people far too much to stop there. She has spent the last ten years “gypsying” her way around the country, learning new flavors, techniques, and soaking in adventures as they came. Through her escapades, she found her niche in creating nourishing cuisine for those with dietary restrictions and various health conditionsĀ utilizing locally harvested and consciously grown ingredients. Autum’s greatest passion is fusing local ingredients and cultures, with international flavors to bring joy, excitement, and a little surprise into every dish.