Crew Cruise

Autum and I embarked on a delightful crew cruise around Resurrection Bay with an overnight stop in Humpy Cove. We had some great looks at mountain goats and their young on the super steep cliff sides. We got to watch 3 humpbacks, although a bit frustrating to observe, no real pattern to their movements, but right in front of Bear Glacier. We found the boat is very comfortable in often uncomfortable seas on the bigger boats because the Darby just rolls up and over them, so smooth. We took in some Stellar Sea Lions, and lots of Bald Eagles, and then found this beautiful cove to anchor up in. After a nice dinner, we launched the double kayak, and checked out a waterfall, pigeon gillimonts, and marbled murrelets. A bit stormy clouds all around, but the light making it through, was spectacular as it bounced off the sides of Darby. Woke to a beautiful sunny flat calm day, scones and flavored butter to start the day. Great to get in a nice crew cruise! Looking forward to this summer season.