Typical trips depart Seward Harbor at 9:00 am, Tuesday or Friday, and return around 5:00 pm two days later. Weather and wildlife always dictate our exact travel route, but here is an example of a common 3 day 2 night trip on board the Darby.

Upon leaving Seward, we head south out of Resurrection Bay to a scenic spot where we drift with the engine off, while enjoying lunch from your own private chef. Our guests then spend the afternoon, lounging on the fly bridge or relaxing in our cozy cabin as we work our way into Kenai Fjords National Park; spotting and observing wildlife along the way. Day 1, ends anchored in a peaceful anchorage, enjoying an evening paddle or relaxing while our chef prepares a delicious dinner. On Day 2, after breakfast, we venture off on the Darby to find a tidewater glacier and usually stumble upon some wildlife en route. Lunch occurs while we float among brash ice bits within a half mile of a tidewater glacier listening to it calve and explode with sounds. The guests often spend the afternoon choosing to go kayaking, fishing, beach combing, or searching for the best waterfalls in the area. Our last night of the trip, might find us tucked into a little basin eating fresh caught grilled fish, and falling asleep to the pleasant sound of a waterfall tumbling down the rocks with in a few feet of our securely anchored boat. On our last day, we work our way thru the Chiswell Islands, checking out the huge seabird and sea lion rookeries. Often we find a verity of whales feeding in these waters too. By 5ish, we are back in Seward in time to go check out the Sea Life Center (the only aquarium in the state) or stretch the legs on one of the many trails in the area or catch your transportation back towards Anchorage. 

We’ll travel to more locations then the daily tour vessels can by exploring the intimate intricacies of the coast line within Aialik Bay and Northwestern Fjord primarily. We find our guests, often indulge in an evening kayak paddle in the never ending light of an Alaskan summer or a ride in the inflatable. Each day is filled with wildlife and spectacular vistas as we explore remote regions of this wild land. All our trips are custom multi-day adventures and we strive to make your dreams and desires happen.

Other possible trip itineraries:

  • Short trip options: 4 day 3 night, 5 day 4 night, or a 3 day 3 night, but with the 3rd night being in an anchorage an hour or so from town. This would allow us an early breakfast and the opportunity to be back at the dock first thing in the morning, and you to then have the opportunity to spend the day exploring Seward or the Kenai Peninsula.
  • Extended trip options: Nuka Bay Region and Prince William Sound.   Nuka Bay could be an 8-10 day adventure to that region at the very western corner of the National Park and even beyond the parks boundaries. Very few people, including Alaskans, get the opportunity to visit the Nuka Bay region, so this type of trip is always appealing to our crew and our guests! This requires a real sense for adventure and exploration and for those that like to really get off the beaten track. Traveling to Prince William Sound could be a 5-8 day adventure, leaving from Seward with a different drop off point such as Whittier, Valdez, or Cordova as an option. These trips are unique and adventurous, but require a few more days to allow the crew to pick the best weather days to transit along the exposed coast of the Gulf of Alaska safely.

Due to our short time, with favorable sea conditions, there are a limited number of extended trip slots available each summer. Please contact us if you would like to book a short or long trip or simply receive more information.