Typical trips depart Seward Harbor at 9:00 am, Thursday or Sunday, and return at 5:00 pm two days later. (Times and start days can be flexible) Train and bus terminals are very close to the harbor and there is ample parking around the harbor for personal vehicles. 

We’ll travel well beyond most of the daily tour vessels by exploring the intimate intricacies of the coast line within Aialik Bay and Northwestern Fjord primarily, anchoring in different coves each evening. At anchor we’ll grill fresh caught fish, and then in the never ending light of an Alaskan summer, take the kayaks out for an evening paddle.  Each day is filled with wildlife and spectacular vistas as we explore remote regions of this wild area.  

Custom adventure charters of different lengths and itineraries can easily be arranged. Examples include, a 10 day trip to Nuka Island, a week long trip into Prince William Sound or an 8 day trip from Seward to Valdez or Cordova! There are a limited number of extended trips available each summer. Please contact us if you would like to book a trip or simply receive more information.