Trip #2 Family

Trip # 2 was amazing!! The weather was little chilly and damp, but with a lot of layers and a good rain jacket, my mum and aunt and uncle had a blast! Tucked in our cozy cabin, the scenery and wildlife didn’t disappoint. Just outside of Seward harbor, a humpback whale was lunge feeding. A good start!  We checked out the bird rookery and the sea lion haul rocks at Cape Resurrection before heading across towards Cape Aialik. We made it all the way up to Aialik Glacier  where we anchored and let everyone off the boat to go for a bit of beach walk. Spent the night in Verdant Cove, tucked up next to a beautiful beach with a ghost forest just above the berm.

We woke to hot scones and quiche and then a Humpback started jumping out of the water. Amazing! Mountain goats and abundant waterfalls at Cataract Cove. Worked out way up thru the ice to sit a half mile off of Northwestern Glacier. Still a tidewater, but not for many more years. I always feel like I am in a fish bowl when sitting there with all the tower hanging glaciers high, high above. Truly magical.

Next we proceed towards southwestern glacier, anchored up in the outflow stream and proceeded to just be mesmerized by the ice falling off a hanging glacier throughout the evening and during the night. Went for a nice Kayak paddle with my mum, with up close looks at Black Oyster catchers and harbor seals. An ever so slight mist falling, on flat calm water, so beautiful to have this place all to ourselves.

Had lunch in Taz Basin, with a quick rock exploration! Devoured the Chiswell Islands, finding puffins, Black Legged Kittiwakes, sea lions, and thick billed murres.  Ended the trip with fish eating orcas, all to ourselves before heading back into Seward. Another fantastic trip!